Curious what past participants thought of the pilot session of Gignite? Here are a few of their stories:

Carole Trone, Strategic Communications Consultant

Project: launching a consulting business

“I knew that joining this group would push me beyond my comfort zone and allow me to engage with entrepreneurial people. We hear so much buzz about the importance of innovation and building new business concepts but much less opportunity to truly engage with this culture. Gignite has provided a good structure for moving along on my passion project and finding inspiration and support from others who are doing the same.”

Dan Kondzela, advocacy team member at Zendesk

Project: learn to watercolor

“I have a tendency to fail on the follow through. I have always been interested in the watercolor medium, but there was such a huge gap between what I wanted to be able to do and what I could do even getting started seem like it would be too much trouble. I am still miles from what I want to do. But I’m closer than I was. I feel like beyond increasing (however minutely) my watercolor skill, I am also learning to be excited to try rather than dread it.”