I’m a freelance writer with four years of experience in business writing.

My niche is corporate blogging and ghostwriting thought leadership pieces, but I’ve also written company newsletters, and hundreds of news articles.

I have a track record of creating viral content, especially on LinkedIn. For what it’s worth, I’m LinkedIn famous. No seriously, I wouldn’t say it if I couldn’t back it up.

My rates are reasonable and I work fast. I often beat deadlines by several days. I charge by the project, not by the hour, because, like I said, I’m fast. That way my motivation is to do the best job I can do, in the shortest amount of time, which generally works out best for both of us.

Contact me (obarrow12 at gmail dot com) about your project and I’ll let you know my rate!

***I’m also open to discussing volunteer blogging or copyediting opportunities. My time is limited, but my passion for changing lives through writing is not.