I’m a content marketer, entrepreneur, and former journalist. I exist to help people live more fulfilling lives. Companies pay me money to help them build highly engaged communities and change lives through content marketing.

While spending on content marketing is at an all-time high, the quality of content being shoved down consumers’ throats seems to decline daily. We can do better. As curious storytellers, we can help brands reach the meaning-seeking savvy readers of the world, building relationships and trust through content marketing.

I believe in focusing on what I’m good at. My expertise lies in creating awesome content for blogs, email campaigns, case studies, websites, trade publications and magazines. The thought of relying on Facebook advertising to distribute my content makes me want to vomit, so I partner with people who rock at content distribution.

I’m hiring a part-time intern for Spring 2018. See details: OBCommunications Intern Job Description

Note: This website will soon be replaced with an updated version. Thanks for your patience as I put the finishing touches on the new one!